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This is a lovely, traditional style Japanese accommodation in a peaceful, quiet setting. We walked up the steep, steep hill from the train station (travel light!) so the foot onsen and a cold beer we picked up at the convenience store on the way was the perfect arrival. The in-suite onsen bath is wonderful. Soaking in the tub and listening to birds singing is heavenly. The friendly host kept in touch and gave very accurate and thoughtful information. Thank you so much!

2016.10.19 J.G.様

人には教えたくない…別荘ですね。 キッチンまで完備されていて、至れり尽くせりです。

2016.10.12 K.T.様

This is my second time staying here and I really love this place. Private onsen and a convenient central location at a great price.

2016.10.05 A.R.様


2016.09.22 E.G.様

宿泊前から丁寧なご対応で、安心して宿泊する事が出来ました。 周辺は木々に囲まれているので、周囲を気にすることもなく温泉を楽しめます。 清潔なタオルが人数分用意されていますが、何度も温泉を楽しむのであれば、プラスで持参していくべきかなと思いました。 今回海は行きませんでしたが、周辺の海を詳しく紹介してくれているファイル等もあって親切だなと感じました。 小さい子が居ますので、お部屋に温泉が付いてるのは本当に助かりますし、写真通り素敵なお部屋でしたので、また必ずお邪魔したいと思っています。

2016.09.16 S.S.様

This location is such a gem! It was so nice to just get away and enjoy the peace and quiet for a while. Having a large hot spring fed bath to ourselves was a huge draw, and it did not disappoint. I highly recommend this rental to anyone who wants to be in the country without having to trek too far from modern conveniences!

2016.09.13 M.J.様

少人数でのソフトウェア開発合宿に利用させていただきました。 Wi-Fiでのインターネット接続速度は速く、5,6人で開発するにはちょうど良いサイズの足湯+テーブルがあり、最高でした。 足湯を利用しながらのソフトウェア開発は、一度足を拭かないと立ち上がれないということもあり、開発に集中できるという副次効果があるので開発合宿での利用は特にオススメです(笑) 電子機器を多く使う人は電源タップを持って行ったほうが良いと思います。 周りも静かで、浴室の温泉には打たせ湯もあり、非常にリラックスすることができました。

2016.09.07 T.K.様

The Izu Spa Cottage is an awesome place. We were 2 couples traveling together, and had a fun time enjoying the cottage and the surrounding area. The place itself is beautiful, nestled on a hillside, you feel like it's just you and the mountain. The cottage is great, with the onsen bath, and the foot bath underneath the dining room table - we had a lot of fun with that. The kitchen is very small, but is quite workable for making a simple breakfast (think fried eggs, bacon, toast etc.) - otherwise, you will really want to eat out at someplace along the Izu coast. But we had no problem finding places that were excellent... best food is probably down in Shimoda, so perhaps plan for that. A few things to note: 1) Location - you really need a car if you want to stay here. It is up in the hills, which is an easy drive from the main highway, but it would be punishing if you tried to walk that... and I don't know how easy cabs would be to catch around there. Also, the best parts (beaches, restaurants) of Izu are further south along the coast, so you really want to be able to drive down and explore. If you have a car, you can get to Shimoda in ~40 minutes, and it's a beautiful drive, so the time flies by. 2) Shared room - if it's not obvious, the cottage is literally one big shared space. Everyone will be sleeping together on the tatami mat area. It can fit 4 people comfortably, but just realize you won't have a ton of privacy. 3) Nature & bugs - as mentioned in the listing and in other posts, the cottage is nestled on a forested hillside. There are definitely bugs (think beetles, spiders) outside, and we found and killed a few spiders inside the cottage during out stay. This is no fault of the cottage or the people managing it (the place was very clean!), but if you live in the countryside, then bugs are an inevitable thing to deal with on occasion. If you aren't comfortable with that possibility, then perhaps Izu in general is a bad idea.

2016.09.03 C.N.様


2016.08.25 M.S.様

We had an amazing time! The room was great and the private onsen bath was amazing, it also has this amazing foot bath under the table which we never expected and was a great bonus!! It is located on quite steep hill which gave a very nice view on the balcony, loved inhaling all the fresh air surrounded by nature, definitely a place to stay in Izu!

2016.08.19 S.E.様

We had a great stay here! It was such a nice place and had everything we could possibly need. The onsen was amazing and the foot spa was an added treat. Checking in and out was super easy and the apartment even had loads of information on what to do and where to go in Izu.

2016.08.16 F.M.様


2016.08.10 I.G.様

Lovely place and location, definitely exceeded expectations. Didn't try to walk from the station, but a taxi cost us less than 1000¥. The private onsen is the star attraction here and I highly recommend it if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Was a shame we could only stay here for one night.

2016.08.05 A.P.様

Very nice place. Cosy but functional. Bath / onsen great. Need a car.

2016.08.01 G.J.様

温泉も注意がいるほど熱々で気持ちよかったです。 是非また利用したいです。

2016.07.30 O.K.様

We enjoyed our stay at this beautiful, quiet and spacious appartment. The onsen and view into the nature is extraordinary. But we were glad that we were travelling by car, as it really is in a rather remote area.

2016.07.24 L.U.様


2016.07.22 M.T.様

This place was more than I expected. Very easy get to this place. The cleanliness was amazing plus the whole place was very modern. The amazing amenities and private onsen makes this worth everything. Would love to stay here again if I have the chance. Thanks!! Highly Recommend.

2016.07.19 K.D.様


2016.07.16 O.Y.様

小西 is an excellent host who provide much information of Izu and the spa cottage prior to our visit. There was much information like leaflets and maps of different tourist attractions available in the house which we can take a look at when deciding where to go. The house was very comfy and quiet. The footpath and onsen were superb. We enjoyed the stay so much. The convenient store was just 5mins drive from the house. We would definitely come again. Thank you so much for all the arrangements made.

2016.06.30 E.C.様


2016.06.27 R.K.様

Host is helpful.

2016.06.26 G.C.様


2016.06.25 J.H.様

This place is absolutely unreal. Never have I stayed somewhere that completely exceeded my expectations. The private onsen was amazing and you truly felt isolated in the Izu hills. The facility and staff were completely English friendly. I can't think of a single complaint. I recommend this place as much as humanly possible. Truly a getaway.

2016.06.19 A.C.様

The apartment is well managed and all you need has been provided. Clean and tidy. Huge bathroom and very nice private onsen. Recommended for self drive tourist, if you plan to walk fr the train station, it is pretty hard to do so. Up hill road may take u half hour. :) 小西 is very nice and prepared a details house manual.

2016.06.08 T.T.様

We stayed at the Luxury Izu Spa Cottage, and the experience was absolutely perfect! If you are looking for a romantic weekend out from the buzzing city, this is the place to go to. The place was even better than on the pictures. The onsen bath was absolutely great for relaxing after a day of walking, the footbath under the living room Kotatsu table (which is really rare even for Japanese people) was also great, and the view made us feel like we were far away from civilization. The place was also impeccable, really clean, and everything had been prepared for our arrival. There aren't many restaurants or shops around so if like us you don't have a car, you can order delicious delivery sushi! We only wish we could have stayed there longer!

2016.06.04 C.S.様

This place was wonderful! The pictures make it look good, but it's even better in person. The amenities were amazing, it has everything. It was clean, and 小西 was very welcoming. Like the other reviews on here, I would say a car or taxi is a must. It is hilariously uphill to get to this place from the main roads.

2016.05.23 R.B.様

Amazing location and an excellent retreat in the country side! Very clean and traditional. Masahiro communicated very clearly and made the experience very easy for us ( who don't speak Japanese and in an area that is also quite remote). The train travel from Tokyo was seamless and taxi to the spa was easy to get. A car would definitely be preferable as I did walk up that mountain and it is steep! There is a Family Mart near the station which made getting supplies easy. It's a pretty magical setting and added an extra traditional experience to the holiday that was very special.

2016.04.25 B.B.様

We had a great stay! The room is really nice and the onsen is amazing! Beautiful view looking out across the valley! Although having a car is highly recommended, we managed fine without one. The place is quite secluded - but that's part of the attraction. You definitely need to catch a taxi from the station when you have all your luggage (its a very steep hill), but during our stay we walked to the station/FamilyMart in about 20 minutes so it was no problem! Would highly recommend!

2016.03.18 M.C.様


2016.03.15 M.S.様

This house is value for money because of the private onsen (hot spring). We did not try the foot bath though. The house is exactly as described, clean and tidy. Location wise, it's a bit away from the train station and it's up on the hill side. We rented a car so it's okay for us. The host is responsive and communications are smooth.

2016.03.01 G.C.様


2016.02.13 K.Y.様

Such an amazing experience staying here. The view was beautiful, the people were lovely, the accommodation is authentic . It's a bit of a walk if you've got luggage from the train station so I would recommend getting a cab. But all in all an exceptional experience and great weekend getaway, we would definitely go back to this Airbnb.

2016.01.27 L.A.様

また利用させていただきます! 今回はありがとうございました。

2015.12.13 R.K.様


2015.11.22 S.S.様


2015.10.17 T.Y.様


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